Skdaffle's Commissions Terms of Service

Terms may be subject to change as time goes on
Last update: 2/11/2019

By commissioning me you are agreeing to these terms. Do not commission me if you don't agree with any of these terms.
Breaching my Terms of Service will result in blacklisting and cancellation of your commission. Any processed payments will be refunded proportional to amount of work completed.

Payment requirements and procedures
  • I require visual references for your characters.
  • Payment is required upfront in full.
  • I will confirm the price of your commission with you before I send the invoice.
  • Once the invoice is paid, major changes in the commission idea will not be accepted.
  • The invoice will be sent to the email you provide me with, usually your paypal email. However, you do not need to have a paypal account in order to pay the invoice. Payment should not be sent any other way.
  • If multiple people are to have characters in a single commission (a group commission) ONE person is responsible for paying the commission fee. This allows the commissioners to figure out how they would like to split the fee amongst themselves and allows for the Artist to begin working on the commission faster because they are only waiting for payment from one person (the Representative of the Commission group). This creates a more streamlined line of communication between the Artist and the Commission Group.
  • Payment must be completed as soon as possible; failure to do so may result in a loss of your slot.
  • Refunds will not be made unless I, the artist, am not able to complete the task at hand.
  • I will ask for your paypal email to be sent through private email or the private messaging system of the site we are communicating on.
  • After payment is received, work on your commission will be started on.
You, the Commissioner
  • The commissioner is 18 years of age or older. Additionally, any persons also depicted in, or paying for the commission, are 18 years of age or older.
  • The commissioner is not allowed to send a payment before an agreement is reached, and may only send it through my invoice.
  • The commissioner is not allowed to claim, edit, reproduce my artwork and/or use it for commercial usage. Do not redistribute the piece(s) without the watermark or signature. If the commissioner wants to use something for commercial usage, they must bring it up to the artist.
  • The commissioner CAN resize their commission AS LONG AS my signature remains visible. However, the commissioner is encouraged to request a resizing from me, the artist, to insure that the signature remains clearly visible. The exception is when commissioner resizes or crops a work for use as an icon. Credit is then expected to be placed in an appropriate spot.
  • Only the commissioner CAN re-upload the commission on their own accounts. However, my signature must remain clearly visible, and it is highly encouraged that the commissioner provide a link in the description of the re-upload to my on-site account, if applicable. If I do not have an account on the site, a link to my twitter should be treated as the default.
  • The commissioner may not rush the artist if they did not place a due date, but asking how the piece is going is fine.
  • The commissioner may request that their piece be uploaded privately, to which the artist will usually comply (exception being when piece contains characters the artist owns).
  • I, the artist, have the right to decline any commission that I do not feel comfortable drawing.
  • The artist will give updates on the commission's status, such as estimated start or completion dates or changes in such, if asked.
  • The artist will refund the price of the commission if they cannot complete the task in a timely manner. Refunds are not given by any other way.
  • The artist has the right to upload completed commission pieces onto the sites they use. If commissioner gives a special request to keep their commission private, the artist will comply (exception being when piece contains characters the artist owns).
  • I, the artist, contain all rights to what I create and may use the artwork for promotional purposes or as seen fit.
  • Commissioned characters are copyright to their rightful owners.
  • Art may not be edited, claimed, reproduced, and/or sold for commercial usage by commissioners or others.
Telegram Sticker Commissions
  • Due to their nature and limitations, Telegram Stickers are drawn in a slightly simpler style than Sketch Commissions.
  • The Artist will only send files sized for telegram upload (512px on the larger dimension).
  • The artist will edit their own mistakes. Edits that go against the simplistic nature of Telegram Sticker commissions will not be made.
Sketch Commissions
  • These commissions are the faster, cheaper option. As such, certain complexities and details are subject to simplification or omission.
  • These commissions are generally completed in one sitting, therefore Work In Progress shots are not available.
  • The artist will edit their own mistakes. Edits based on lack of initial information from commissioner will be charged extra for, or not done at all, depending on the specific case.
Flat-Lined and Full Polish Commissions
  • These commissions are the slower, cleaner, more costly option. As such, the artist will do their best to flesh out the details and complexities.
  • These commissions are generally completed over a few sittings. Commissioner will receive a Work In Progress shot at the sketch stage, and lined stage.
  • It is highly encouraged that the commissioner requests any edits when given the sketch stage WIP, as this is the most opportune time to fix the piece. Edits are usually allowed at the lined stage WIP, depending on the case. Edits once the work is completed will depend on the case.
  • The artist will edit their own mistakes. Edits based on lack of initial information from commissioner will be charged extra for, or not done at all, depending on the specific case.

Commissioning Guidelines

Some lil tips to help things run as smoothly as possible!
  • When Queue is FULL or CLOSED, Please Do Not inquire about commission slots. They will open again soon! Do not ask for me to hold a slot, as that is unfair to all of those waiting for openings.
  • When Queue is OPEN, you do not need to send a note plainly asking for a slot, as I only reserve slots when I receive completed commission forms. Just send that puppy in!
  • When filling out your commission form, please be mindful to be as thorough as possible. If you have any additional references for your character, setting, pose, or any other details you have in mind, please include them in your form. This ensures that all the details related to your commission are together in ONE place. This helps keep my workflow more efficient which in turn allows me to complete your artwork faster!
  • I only send out one invoice per commission. If you're splitting the cost with others, please make arrangements for one of you to pay the invoice.
  • Details that are not outlined in the commission form will be treated with artistic freedom! Edits requested for details that were NOT in the commission form may be subject to extra charge.
  • When linking references, please make sure the links are clear of any random punctuation or other characters that might break its clickability!
  • When linking references for your character, try to pick images that show their flat colors the best. Shaded pictures can at times be difficult to pull the right colors from!

Commission Order Life Cycle

  • 1. Check Trello Queue for current commission progress. A shortening queue means slots will open soon!
  • 2. Openings are announced on my FurAffinity and Twitter pages!!! Or check the Commission Form itself, if it's open I'm open!
  • 3. After your form is submitted, expect a follow up email/note/dm depending on where you told me to contact you.
  • 4. I will confirm price with you and send an invoice for your order. Once you've paid, you're set!
  • 5. If you ordered a comm that has WIP stages, I'll send those for review as I get to those points. If you ordered a WIPless comm, I'll send the final product for review.
  • 6. Once the final product is approved, your queue card will be cleared form my Trello.
Things I will draw:
  • Halloween themes!!/Spooky!!/Monsters!!
  • Furries/Feral/Humans, I can draw almost anything.
  • Macro/Micro
  • Paws
  • Action-y Violence
  • Comics/Sequences of max 3 panels/images
  • Reference Sheets
  • Most other things!
Things I won't draw:
  • Design Commissions
  • Hateful/Bigoted themes
  • Complex robots/armor/architecture
  • Militaristic/Government related imagery
  • Comics/Sequences of over 3 panels/images

For NSFW Will Draw/Won't Draw Click Here!

Prices and Examples

Here's what I'm offering currently! All options are base-priced as Full body/no background.
Discounted options such as headshots/waist ups etc are available.
Drag examples to address bar (or open image new tab) for full size.
For NSFW Offerings/Prices/Etc Click Here!

==============Telegram Stickers==============
Meme Stickers starting at 10$. Applicable at artists discretion, depends on how traceable/simple the meme is.
Regular Bust or Halfbody Stickers starting at 15$
Full Body Stickers starting at 20$
Blank 'You' adds 5$, Extra Character adds 8$
Max amount of stickers per order: 6

Perfect for telegram! Price can vary depending on complexity of sticker prompt and designs.
No WIP shots, done in one sitting.

==============Headshot Icons==============
Starting at 25$

A spiffy icon just for you! Symmetrical or not, the choice is yours.
No WIP shots, done in one sitting.

==============Colored Sketches==============
Flats starting at 30$, Extra Characters add 22$
Add shading for 10$
Background prices are case-by-case

Certain details are likely to be simplified.
Backgrounds, complex perspectives, and other extras are subject to extra costs.
No WIP shots, generally done in one sitting.

==============Lined Flats==============
Starting at 70$, Extra Characters add 60$

A cleaner drawing than the sketch comms. There is more care in lining the character.
Details and other intricacies will be given proper care. Backgrounds and other complexities are subject to extra costs.
WIP shots given after sketch stage and after inking stage.
I am a little picky with which prompts I will accept for this level.

==============Full Polish==============
Starting at 90$, Extra Characters add 80$

A flat lined comm with shading and other effects!
Backgrounds and other complexities are subject to extra costs.
WIP shots given after sketch stage and after inking stage.
I am picky with which prompts I will accept for this level.

==============Reference Sheets==============
Starting at 130$, Flat Lined style only. Includes SFW nude front-3/4th view and symmetrical headshot

Mirrored Back view: $40+
Side view: $60+
NSFW alt version + bits insert: $20+
Additional Outfits: $15+ Depending on outfit complexity

Complexities subject to extra cost. Open to discussion for other extra inserts!
Wips sent after sketch and lined stages. Be totally communicative with me so I can make the best ref I can for your character! :3
I will not design a character from scratch. I must be provided with some kind of visual or a completely detailed description of the character. If providing description only, please provide me a color guide. You can use Google's Color Picking Tool or This Site to provide a list of Hex Values and/or pallette for the colors you want your character to have! :D
I will be quite picky with ref comm slots. Acceptance will depend on quality of information provided and how comfortable I feel about drawing the character.